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About Producer Jamel

I learned to make beats from my one of my favorite producer/beat maker, and I consider him to be my brother, "Jag Funkatomik" of Individual Records Hollywood Ca. 13 yrs ago I was a Studio manager, producer, studio guitarist, and did audio mastering. Jag and I lived in the studio. That was our home. I'm a real musician/producer first. A graduate of M.I.T. Musicans Institute of Technology in Hollywood CA. I got to know some some pretty sicc rappers and have album credits with O.N.S.,Culjah Dreams, Black Stallions, Crisis, Christian Brothers,and many other rappers. And now loudrapbeats has lend it's hand to thousands of artists around the world. I worked day and night with artist's and producers. I've worked as a artist producer and credited with Multi-Platium James Gadson, Maurice Starr, Leonard Smith & Patrick Duffin. Their the producers who made real history. Well theres alot of years of studio work behind me, nothing happened over night. Believe me i had to earn this credit and was tested of my skills everyday.

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