About East Coast Rap and Hip Hop

Loudrapbeats.com your #1 source for beats. Hi everyone! This is East Coast music where Hip Hop supposedly originated.  There are many people among you who are so older may remember the well-liked early acts such as Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash as well as the Furious Five who most claim are the experimental creators of Hip Hop. It was so phenomenon to all and easily became successful though New York started to determine about this art’s starting point in there. You can research about the East Coast culture and lifestyles and also their environmental differences. You will be able to find out that things are a lot quicker out there. Now think about the New York’s population. It will be more than 8 million people which are 4 x lagers than the size of any one of Texas’ major cities. So Texas (land wise) is almost 6.5 x bigger than New York? Actually a lot of people in such small place force its citizen to interact with this huge amount of people. In New York, some use cabs and subways for transportation, actually they do not drive due to its over population. Besides, privacy is not so available there. From many people and personalities Hip Hop easily comes there. So it is easy to think that Rap/Hip-Hop originated out there. But they might not know one thing that was whether or not other regions chose to pick up this trend and art. Moreover, think about Run DMC which is fully changed from their older view. The same change is happening to Addidas foot wear, Def Jam as well as Dookie ropes which were in style and so were Kangols. Mercedes Benz was the car to drive and jumpsuits were the clothes to wear despite the East was not familiar with car culture. Previously East Coast dialect was unique and its Rap music had a lot of sampling in it. The 808’s and 909 drum kits were so popular too. Actually there were many artists – “The great Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, and Public Enemy” were just for the political rap movement. Among these Eric B & Rakim was very popular in East coast Rap and Hip Hop. But day by day, styles were being changed and ruggedness became their signature mark. Gradually, timberland boots, baggy sweatshirts, hoodies, bubble coats, high top fades and designs in haircuts have become the medium to choose. Even some of them was with a very distinctive slang. Then many former rappers welcome the newer artists such as “Wu Tang Clan”, “Nas”, “Jay-Z”, “Biggie”, “Lil Kim”, “Junior Mafia”, “Diddy”, “Mase”, “Jadakiss”, (Lox), “DMX”, “50 Cent”, “Fat Joe” and so more. Mainly, East Coast Rap and Hip Hop focused on lyricism. The new York culture’s majority was involved in videos and movies as usual.  Some movies really define East Coast Rap and Belly, Juice, New Jersey Drive , Pain N’ Full, New Jack City are in those movies. You can check out subways, Timberland boots, heavy slang, buildings in all movies.

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