Busta Ryhmes in a Nutshell

Busta Rhymes is one of the most dynamic
charismatic rappers there is in the
hip-hop industry.
He is originally from the West Indies.
And much on his style is derived from
dancehall music and the heaviness of his
This is what makes him distinctive.

If he was'nt rapping he would be doing something
with his voice.Busta Rhymes
when he's rapping he annunciates unlike any other
rapper.Busta Rhymes has mastered the
ability to say a lot of words and be very articulate.
Busta Rhymes is the most
energetic rapper that is out there.

I love his energy. He's also very animated.
So if you wanna rap like him you have to be
extra animated and also study dancehall music.
His whole style is derived from the
Jamaican dancehall music.
Which is about energy and about
making people have a good time and dance.
That is what makes Busta Rhymes style
distinctive.And that's busta ryhmes in a nutshell.

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