Studio Setup

Do you know how to make your vocals sound like they were recorded in a professional studio? Are there any benifits to recording vocals on rap beats at home? The answer is definetely yes! If fact, a vast number of songs you hear on the radio have been recorded in home studios. You can get the same vocal quality as a big studio if you know the steps. Any music recording software will work, it's the same techniqe. But don't think just by pluging a any mic into your computer you will get quality sounding vocals. You will need a decent condenser studio microphone for recording vocals and a mic preamp. There's many brands that work well if your on a budget of $300. - $500. and you will barley notice the difference. If you can only afford around $100 for a mic. I suggest the Audio-Technica AT2020n.

Any mic in the price range of $100 - $300 will not sound as good as a $1,000 mic. but that's ok for now. Now, let's go into the mic-pre. The reason for mic-preamp is because without it you will not be able use the mic. A condenser studio microphone will need phantom power, The is the power behind the mic. Look for a desent $100 - $200 pre with a tube in it. This will warm the sound of the mic. Check out pre's made by ART, Bellari, behringer, there low cost and decent. There's other comparable ones too, Ask the sale person for help, New gear is constantly coming out, and they will guide you. Again it's hard to tell the difference on $100 - $200. micpreamps. Also, buy a good balanced XLR cable not to long, about 20 ft. not much longer, and don't buy a crappy one trust me. There's no point in buying a good mic. then try to save money on a cheap cable. You will aslo need a stand with shock mount, you don't hold the mic in your hand or touch it. Make sure to buy a pop filter to control the air pressure that comes out of your mouth when you say the words starting with letters P & B. This is not an option. Don't make this mistake or you will end up having to re-record the vocals again later. Your mouth should be about 2"- 4" away form the mic when recording. It's best to be standing rather then sitting down, this will help you will breath control, to deliver a better performance. Quickly, on headphones, what brand you use make sure there "closed back" headphones. Studo mics are very sensitive and pick up every noise, even from headphones. You do not want music from the headphones bleeding into the recording.

Recording Vocals

It's easy to record your takes one line at a time, But i don't recommend you do that. Do the whole take from start to finish, or at lease the verse's all the way through without punching in and out But if the take is great and you have to punch in once then go ahead. But if your not feeling it then it's time to take a break. And since your at home, you can come back tomorrow. Keep all your takes, and make a rough mix. You can listen to it in your car and you might go back and keep take 1. It's important to keep your vocals at the same level and avoid odd volume changes. Once you have all the best parts recorded you can do the mixing. You might add a little compression, reverb, delay, autotune whatever. Mix it in the track untill your happy. That about it, the more you do it the better you'll get at it. If your looking for quality beats to rap on i suggest going online and fine the beats that fit your style. One place you can buy beats that are high quality, fully mixed, for a low price and ready for your vocals is they even have free beats to download if you have no money. This concludes are article.


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