How To Make Rap Beats Like A Pro

Making rap beats properly is essential as a beat-maker, because if you do one point wrong you could mess the entire beat up. I will walk you with a simple and effective method to make sicc beats today ... So lets discuss the best ways to do it like a pro.

Action 1
A great way to begin making a rap beat is by understanding what type of style you intend to make. Listen among your favorite producers to obtain concepts from. Pick a beat that you intend to make like. Then choose the drum package, a basic beat would certainly have a kick, snare or clap, hi-hat and accident cymbal. Choose the design package your for the beat your going to make. Example: If it's dirty south beats you intend to produce, get hold of a beat kit because of style.

If your simply starting out It's important that you try and replicate a beat from various other producers songs, pick up from a pro. and afterwards your going to add your design to it. First it's a great concept to duplicate beat suggestions from renowned producers if you want to sound like a pro. I strongly recommended you only pick up from the very best producers.

Action 2
Now let's decide just what sample to use. This is the most important step in making rap beats. There are lots of examples today to select from, select one you like that fits your style.

Ok, now that you discovered the sample you want to use, it's time to start making the beat. If you begin making beats like this you will be making quality beats that sound like a pro. Your homies will certainly say "who made that sicc beat" and you respond, I made that beat. Damm ... This is among the very best means to begin making hot beats. Replicate suggestions from hot producers but don't make it sound like you took their beat. It will be in the style of your favorite producer with your very own spin on it. Now your making sicc beats that are your very own.

Action 3
Mixing. This could take some practice. I like to hear and really feel the kick drum, and the bass.  The snare must be the loudest, and the hi-hat slighty mixed below the snare. As soon as you start making beats daily you'll improve and get much better, and it will be easier considering that you'll understand exactly what to do.

There are lot's of good beat making programs. I use Fl Studio because it's easy to start making beats quickly and there are lot's of video's on youtube to help you. But what ever one you use you will get better over time. It take time so be patient.

Good Luck!


By producer Jamel

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