I'm gonna show you how to get your
vocals clear and not muddy.
When recording what you can do
that I suggest for everyone is to put
the high-pass filter
If you're mic has a high pass filter
go ahead and use that, if not hopefully
the preamp you use has a high pass filter.
High pass is another word for low cut
they mean the same thing.

The other thing to do is put the pop
filter a little further back from the mic.

let some of that air dissipate before it
ever gets to the mic in the first place.

On top of that it will also help if the
performer steps a little further back from
the mic.

You still want the intimacy
of being close to the mic, but if it's ever
too muddy,just move a little further back.
Make sure the high pass filter is on and have
the pop filter a little further from the mic.
It'll be as clear as day.

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