How to Mix the Vocal Hook in a Rap Beat

Loudrapbeats hottest beats in rap today. Alright now we're going to talk about mixing a singing chorus on a rap beat. A lot of times on singing choruses you'll have a tenor, alto, soprano. You'll have different keys and people go doing different ranges. What you want to do, it's almost like doing a rap chorus, you want to find the one that you want to stand out the most. If you want your altos to be the highest thing the people hear then you mix the alto's part first. And then if you want your, if you want the sopranos to be the dominant thing in the song, you mix your sopranos first. Whatever you want to be dominant, you mix that first. Then what you do is, you mute that track again once you have that mixed. You mute it, then you mix your altos or sopranos or whatever the next thing that you want to sound. You don't want it as dominant but you still want it heard. You mix both of those and then what you do is turn the main voice that you want, turn that back on. Have the ones that you want to add to it and just kind of have that feel. You keep them low again and starts slightly start turning it up. You keep turning it up until you get the sound that you want. Once you get the sound that you want, then you go ahead and add the next one in. Start, unmute that, and start turning it up. You have it, start it off low, then start turning it up little by little, by little by little, until you get the exact sound that you want. Once you get the sound that you want the mix is done, and you're finished mixing your singing vocals.

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