how to promote your music online

I get hit up constantly by unsigned
artist asking how to promote their music
how to get a record deal.
So uh... this is where you start
in the music business, right here
Online is the easiest place to start,
it's the cheapest place to start.

Ihis is the first step to promoting your
music is establishing yourself online.
Whether your trying to get a record
deal or your trying to start your own
It's shocking to see how many artist's
don't have their own website.

I mean think about it, if they just
happen to run across your profile
on band camp there just as likely to
leave your profile and run across some
other musicians profile on band camp.

When you promote your music online,
that directs the listener back to your
What this means is just as the song is
starting you should have the audio this
is uh... check me out at w_w_w_ dot com.
Your website dot com or whatever the
name of it is.
Of course it doesn't have to be those
exact words just to get the point.

The reason you should do this is simple.
Every time they play that song
the audio drop at the beginning or the
end is going to remind them
to go to your website check it out.

Promote your other music to remind
them to come check me out i got
something new.
There's actually a step or at least a
mindset that you need to have before
you begin to promote.

A quick note about audio drops.
You might not want to put
one on every song if you're selling it
as an album.

Very important point.
So many musicians tell me that are
just starting out, i can't afford
a web site to promote my music.

Listen, you're not going to make it in
the music business if you don't put your
money and your time where your mouth is.

Bottom-line if you want to be involved
in the music business you have to do

A website to promote
your music is not that expensive. There's
only two steps involved
Number one is buying the domain name
and number two is buying the hosting

Domain names only cost ten to
twelve dollars a year.

A domain name is the same as a phone
A hosting account
is the same as the phone people dial
to find you.
People type domain names to find
You use your hosting account to
communicate with those people by showing
a pic's, words and music.
Now hosting an account cost from
seven dollars to thirty dollars per
month depending on what you need.
Most artist's don't need all the bells
and whistles.

These are just some of the basics right

You wanna record label to invest in your
career right
But you won't invest in your career
good luck with that. Real stuff.

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