Rap Beats with HooksRap hooks are going to be different than your verses. Now, this you would stack, you want to stack it a couple of times, you want to at least stack it, I suggest, three if not more, but the minimum should be three. It's just a tip for when anybody is doing rap music out there. Stack it three times because you want it to sound different than the verse. When the chorus comes on you want it to sound like a chorus, so, stack it and add extra people in there if you have to. But stack your rap choruses a minimum of three times per voice. If you got two voices on there, you should have a total of six tracks, three of one person, three of the next person. If you have three people on there, you should have nine tracks minimum, and you can even do four. Two things, later in the mix you'll appreciate it and you'll want it to sound different than the verse. When people hear the choruses it should be different than the verse. And these are just some tips, because lots of times, every song's not going to be the same and I suggest you be original. But these are just some things that, like standard rap songs have, and it makes different things sound better, make the song sound fuller, you want your chorus to sound full, you want them to remember your chorus because that's the most important thing. So, what you want to do is stack it a bunch of times, and remember how you do the chorus, and every time you stack it, do the same, and then it's good to do adlibs, more rap choruses. The hype tracks are real good during the choruses, but the choruses, you want to fill it up, stack it, everybody needs to, at least, do their chorus. If you have as many people on the song, you have three or four, whatever amount of people you got on the song make sure they at least stack it three times if not four, you may not end up using them all, but the person who mixes the song will definitely appreciate that. So, stack your vocals as many times as you can doing the rap choruses.

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