How you can Release a Mixtape

Mixtapes are a tool for emergent artists to market their music. Mixtapes are often CDs or digital downloads, but their high quality tends to be a lot less than a common cd launch would certainly be. An usual fad in mixtape composition, specifically for hip-hop artists, is to use the beats and background music of other artists' songs to perform over. Mixtapes are often released for free over the Internet as a promotional tool. They are relatively inexpensive to make and are helpful in making new artists known in a particular music scene. Releasing a mixtape is a good first step for aspiring musicians to break out.
1. Set up a home recording studio.
Purchase a microphone with a USB connection. It's possible to find relatively cheap digital audio equipment. Buy a microphone stand and pop filter.
Choose audio recording software for your computer. There are plenty of expensive programs for recording vocals, but there are also plenty of free ones.

2. Find beats and background music.
Create your own beats and music if you have the time and ability.
Enlist the help of a producer to create original beats and instrumentals. You can find producers on websites such as MySpace and Facebook or Internet forums. This can be an expensive option.
Search the Internet for websites with free instrumental tracks to download. If you are looking for instrumentals of popular hits, type the name of the song into a search engine and "instrumental" after it.

3. Generate a unique vision for your mixtape.
Come up with something distinctive for your release. You might want to consider a concept album, a mixtape series, uncommon song titles, interesting beats or impressive feature artists. If a friend of a friend of a friend knows a popular rapper, see if you can pull some strings and get a verse out of him or her.

4. Record your music.
Experiment with different sounds and try unusual rhythms and flows.
Re-do each track until it is flawless.
Master each track as best as possible with your software. Mastering involves removing background noises and clearing up your vocals.

5. Design album art.
Take a picture of yourself and solicit the help of someone good with image editing programs to turn the photo into a visually arresting image. Even if you aren't producing a physical product, having a cover for your mixtape is crucial for creating buzz.

6. Send your mixtape to websites, friends and anyone else who will take it.
Burn a CD and give free copies of your mixtape to underground music shops and venues.
Bring your mixtape to open mics or live shows you perform in to give interested listeners product to show their friends.
Set up on a busy street and hand your mixtape to anyone with his or her hand out.
Email your mixtape to hip-hop blogs. If they like it, they might post it on their site.

7. Produce a music video for one of the tracks.
Use inexpensive image recording devices to shoot a music video. Edit the video using free video editing software and post the video to YouTube. Post the video on your various social networking sites and send it to everyone you sent your mixtape to.

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