Jay-z is the ultimate New York rapper.

He has all the components that
embody the best of the best
in hip-hop.
Being able to make complex words
and ideas simple so all minds can get
it. Which is why he has such a
large reach.
Jay-z also is about the finer things in life.

You know he went to get a record
deal that didn't work out so he started
his own record label.
He did his thing growing up
so his style is all about aspirational
desires. Another thing that jay-z
embodies is definitely a witty style
and a lot of wordplay.
He's a master at using words and putting
words together.

If you want to develop a
style like that you have to spend a lot
of hours in the studio.

jay-z's complex but also simple at
the same time. That's Jay-Z in a nutshell.

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