rap battle

Rap battle
having a rapping contest against someone else before an audience, where most of the verses are disrespects directed at the other rap artist which have to rhyme at the exact same time.

1 rap artist goes first, then after he's done its the other individuals transform then someone determines whos was better, or after the second rap artist has actually finished the very first one can go again if he has more to claim.
if one of the rappers draw at rapping they could acquire boo would certainly off stage by the audience. (they often allow some of the audience show up and take the mic for a few minutes at the end).

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Rap battle.
A rap battle is when 2 rap artists go visit going and utilize elaborate, and creative punchlines. They could make use of metaphor's, name or word play, or personals. There are on beat rap battles such as the ones that happen on BET'S 106 & PARK. Or acapella, where they rappers spit without a beat. There are many acapella rap struggle organizations taking the video game by tornado such as, Work Time, URL, Do not Disaster, and Battle Klub.
Below are some instances of punchlines used in a rap battle said by populared struggle rap artists.

Filled Lux: "Bitch you aint a crip ill make you turn like a happy dolphin / Lie on a track, pass away on ya back with the trolly chargin / broke ya neck now, poke ya upper body out like Cart Parton".

Iron Solomon: "Im the one thats inducing concern / when Harry established this battle he was like Paul Rever / The British are coming the british are coming / But history proved THE BRITISH ARE NOTHING!".

Farnum: "See i recognize lies and 90 percent of yo things cooked up / now i regard NY legends like word play here but that do not make you a criminal cuz / yeah you from Queens house of FIFTY, Nas, and Mobb Deep yet look child / I fought Lots of Guy, But it aint challenging to say to, that im battlin a shook one!".

Hollow Da Don: "Yall can think him im coochi / I obtained the word in philly he stimulate the tooly / He get hold of the M16, Release the Uzi / Shiiit on-call of Task!".


rap battle
A hyper-egotistical graceful battle of words and linguistic play.
The following is an instance from Legendary Rap Battles of History, a YouTube series.

Miley Cyrus:.
Permit me presume, You're merely right here to hate.
Well you could stand in the autograph line and hang around.
Create I'm all twerk, I obtained all day.
To Spew severe words in this French cleaning lady's face.
You died a pure woman, which you think you're messing with?
It's Miley Cyrus, I'm the hottest point given that Britney, Bitch!
I'm getting raised on that molly, acquire that event showed up.
You acquiring lifted on a stake, acquire that physical body burned up.
Had sufficient? It's my behavior, when I nab the mic I bleed it.
You can say this rap is like my alter ego, source I killed it!

Lord, forgive me for words I talk.
I understand the voices of the angels tell me to transform the several other cheek.
Yet I'm about to rip Hannah Montana's tongue out through below teeth.
Je suis la fille en feu call me Katniss Everdeen.
When it pertains to bad bitches, I'm the tutelary saint.
But I simply come down on my knees when it's time to pray.
I pertained to Frenchmen's aid in the time of necessity.
Trigger I'm the Maid of Orleans, You're the Mardi Gras beads, honey.
My daddy taught me things your daddy couldn't educate ya.
Your greatest calling was a content from Wiz Khalifa.
You gotta die for something, Miley, simply photo your epitaph.
Had the world enjoying, opted to show them all her level ass.


An instance in american culture where 2 black males (or in some occasions, wannabee blacks) disrespect each several other with lyrical rhymes calming a big group and making respect by "roastin on n \* ggas".
Damn bro elijah roasted on tha n \* gga ben in that rap battle today!


Because those struggling with Mental deficiency are unable of battling, they fix their differences by talking really fast in a try to offer the opponent a seizure.
Criterion rap battle:.
1: fizzle shizzle nigga nizzle fo shizzle mizzle kizzle gizzle bitch.
2: \* is up to ground trembling uncontrollably \*.

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