First, you don't need to over pay for beats online. Use the money you save to invest in your promotions. Most of the producers sell professional rap beats from $7.99 to $29.99 only. High quality beats for your lyrics is nessasary to make your album sound professional. Every producer will give you a lease and exclusive contract which is straight forward to understand.

Exclusive Rights vs. Non-Exclusive Rights. 

The non-exclusive rights you get from buying rap beats online come with an mp3/wave file and a lease contract. The artist can use the beats and sell their album royalty free. On the other hand, Exclusive beats mean that you have unlimited rights to use the beat. Actually, it's recommended to buy exclusive beats if you have enough cash. For the new and coming artists, non-exclusive beats are preferred until they can make enough money to come back and buy the exclusive rights.
At LOUDRAPBEATS, artists can sell up to 5,000 copies of the beats. This will allow artist's to sell enough copies so they can buy the exclusive rights if they choose.

First promote yourself by buying the standard lease. If the beat is making a big splash you may have a hit on your hands. Then it's time to purchase to exclusive rights. Or buy the exclusive rights if you dont want anybody else to have the beat.

Listen to a rap beat in your style that will inspire you to be creative. If you are able to purchase it and it's your style beat, then buy it. Buy rap beats and hip hop beats from a credible producer. To find out a credible producer you can follow this article. Actually a producer who is willing and spend time to post such kind of helpful articles for you can do quality business.
LOUDRAPBEATS is always with you to help.

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