Lil wayne

Rapping like lil Wayne is
much about authenticity.
He puts all of his energy into his lyrics.
Another thing that makes lil Wayne's
rap style distinctive is that he
many years ago stopped writing rap lyrics.
So he really just raps of the top of his head.

A lotta stuff is organic in that he sits
in the studio and plays the song over and
over again.

He go's in to the booth and does
something call a punch.
A punch is I'm a rap two lines
stop it and then we'll go back and then
they'll punch me in
and start recording from the last place
I left off.And overtime he would have created
all 16 bars and ultimately a song. All rapping
without writing it down.
Straight from the head. Also
very simple. So in the simplicity
everybody can listen to it
To dissect what he's talking about, lil
wayne is one that many critics
talk about. The fact that he's so simple
makes him very good.But even in his simplicity lil wayne
he also is very complex.
He uses the first thing that comes to
his head.Simple and complex at the same
That is so cool that he
is able to put together these two
Some people call it wordplay.
Another part of his style is
that uses street terminology. The same meaning
that it has on a street level.
Complex and simple at the same time so
everybody gets it.
Creative enough that is witty
and distinctive. thats lil wayne's rap style in a nutshell.

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