We're here today with some tips that
we think might be helpful for musicians
and music business people alike.

#1 Be easy to reach. Responsive
communication moves at an ever faster pace.

Business changes and
decisions can be made at lightning speed.
So have a cellphone and respond to text
messages promptly.
Having access to email all these factors
signify that you conduct yourself in a
business like manner.
Everything in your career will be a
direct result of personal contact.

Positive energy attracts others and
building your network begins with simple
Being totally present, easy to talk
to an upbeat.
Establish a strong brand.
Creating a brand simply means telling
your story and giving audiences something
they can identify with everything that you do.

Your logo, your photos, your website, your
fan pages, all these elements make you memorable if
you want folks to get off the couch
and come to your shows.

You have to give them a reason and your
brand can help to create a connection.
Connecting to your audience, who are they?

Sometimes when we asked bands or artists
who the market for their music is.
They might answer everyone, it doesn't
really work that way in the music industry.

Audiences are
defined by analytics.
Are your listeners male or female? what
ages are they?
Components of your
audiences is a fundamental building
block in your career.

Looking the part, this is a visual era
projecting a strong visual identity is
very much a part of being a modern

The look has to mirror the music.
Think of specific musicians you like
and how they utilize their trademark.
Style accents to make themselves

When it comes to fashion make it strong,
make it individual,and make it yours.
Becoming proactive in yourself.
The amount of information available about
the music industry is staggering.
Your understanding of how to monetize
music to make money is crucial.

When you know the language of the
business others will take you seriously.

If we observe how major artists release
their music we can note the timing is

You might hear a new song on the radio
read about it on a blog
and see the band on late night
television all within the same 24-hour

Before anyone will accept you as a music
industry professional they must first like
you as a person.

Are you the type of person that
other people wanna support? It's not
only those with the best musical
abilities the strongest ambition and the most
comprehensive knowledge you become
But those who are authentic who care
about others and display compassion, commitment and
generosity of spirit.

The music business is a people business.
When you share history with people you
share the future.

Success in the Music Business

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