What Makes Eminem So Good

Eminem is one at the
best rappers of all time
for multiple reasons.
He focuses a lot on melody and
cadences unlike any other.

Another thing that makes
Eminem style distinctive is he can
create words that don't traditionally
rhyme together. By focusing on vowels.
Vowels are very important and this is a little
technique that a lot of people don't no.
But Eminem has really studied the craft.

His vocabulary is vast
so he can make something that's really
complex and break it down in the simplest
way possible.

Eminem also is very
much about sensationalism. He raps about
things that nobody else has
ever said.

Eminem style is distinctive. He
is authentic to himself being
a caucasian rapper in a style
traditionally dominated by

One key element that all
rappers specially eminem,
is being authentic to who you are in
the life that you grew up.

He's super creative
and makes those stories
He's being authentic to himself so all
those things make Eminem style

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