Where the music business is headed 

The deals over the last few years have
been changing in the sense that while
the basic structure is the same,the
deals have got much more difficult. There
are fewer of them, the record companies
are spending less money.
Deals are smaller then a
number of years ago because the same
level artist is selling far less

And therefore the whole economics of the
business is changing as we speak. They
are scared.
And when they're scared they tend to cut
back, which is understandable. That need to
do it to survive.
And that in a sense is healthy in the
long term, because it makes for
a tighter business.

I don't think anybody at this point
knows the answer to how the music
business resolves itself to become a
healthy environment business in the long
I think there's any number of possible
solutions or indeed
there may be a bunch of smaller
solutions that add up to one larger
There are several different things
floating around uh... in my mind one of
the aspects of the future cellphones. Because
every kid has a cell phone even if they
don't have a credit card. And it's really
easy to get something if you've got a
cell phone particularly when mom or dad
are paying the bill.
And therefore i think a model for
the future is the ability,
which were not there technologically yet,
is to get any song you want
anytime you want it under a cell phone.

And at some point that becomes a monthly
service fee which is divided amongst the
company's and it feels like it's free,
even though you're paying for it and you
don't think about it, and
therefore it becomes a way of feeling
like you're getting the same kind of
experience. By the way
once you do that, there no need to own
music anymore. That's not the way there
used to doing it, but it may not be
necessary to carry around
your whole collection of music
if you can get it anytime you want it,
and you can hear anything you want
anytime in minutes?

Is that a model for the future?

I don't think there are models like
that in the future. The internet is
clearly a model that advertising on the
internet makes enormous amounts of money
whether it trickles down or works out to
be divvied up for people who are
watching videos are listening to music.

We don't know at this point, but i think
all of these put together will form an
industry we just don't know yet what
it's going to look like.

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