Exclusive Rap Beats

Big Music Lables take unsigned  artist's more seriously when they invest time and money  in there own production.  Owning the exclusive rights to rap beats you dont have to worry about using someone else's track and miss out on making a ton of money if the song becomes a hit.
Exclusive beats simply means you are the only person who has unlimited rights to do what  you want with the beat.
I would highly recommend buying and owning exclusive beats if you have that kind of  budget.  If you are a new up and coming artist, buying non-exclusive beats will be perfect untill you are making enough to come back and buy the exclusive rights. Buy the standard lease beats, finish the recording, and if you think they are hits, and you have the funds. Buy the exclusive rights. Here at Loudrapbeats, I let artists sell up to 5,000 copies of the beats the lease. Heres the reason why i allow them to sell that many copies. I feel if your good enough to sell that many copies, chances are you be able to afford and buy the exclusive rights. Buy the standard lease first, and use the beats to promote yourself .
Whats the right price to pay for exclusive beats online?
Paying for exclusive beats online is always a good  investment into you rap career. You can buy high quality hot beats thats your style, and will motivate you to be more creative, and if  you can afford to purchase it, then it is the right price. The 'right price' is something that only you and your talent can determine. If you want the beat, and you can afford it, just get it... If your not willing to spend $20 bucks on your own project, then your not that serious about your music career anyways. If you feel your a quality rapper and think fans should pay top dollar because your worth it, then you should also be willing to pay for quality rap beats. Buy rap beats and hip hop beats from a credible producer. You can read articles like this and use them to find out if the producer is credible.
If you happen to need beats, I invite you to checkout the wide selection of quality rap beats for sale here at LOUD Rap Beats.


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