Loudrapbeats.com #1 source for free rap beats. Let's go! Hey Fam! It’s no secret that most rappers have an affinity for strippers. In fact, strippers have served as the inspiration for dozens of rap hits. Recently released songs such as 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song,” “I Luv Dem Strippers” and Juicy J’s “Bands A Make Her Dance” are dedicated to the strip club culture.
But there are a few rappers who took their love for strippers to the next level by dating the women who get naked and dance for a money.

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose’s life changed after Kanye West found her in a strip club. Week’s after they met, the two took a trip overseas and Amber Rose instantly became a celebrity. Her romance with Kanye didn’t last, but she is now carrying a smaller version of Wiz Khalifa in her oven.



Before she became a cast member on Basketball Wives: L.A., Draya made her rounds with several basketball and hip-hop stars. She has been linked to Kevin Durant and DeShawn Stevenson. However, she also served as Chris Brown’s rebound after he split with Rihanna in 2009.

Karrine-Superhead-Steffans -Nipple tit -Slip jemblog-1024x768-e1352951596512 
Karrine Steffans

Before she was known as “Superhead,” Karrine Steffans was a stripper who was discovered by old school rapper Kool G. Rap. He introduced her to the hip-hop scene and she ran wild through the industry. She revealed that she had sex with a multitude of stars including Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Usher, Shaq and many more.

Maliah Michel

During Drake’s breakout year in 2009, he earned a lot of money and received a lot of attention from groupies. One stripper, Maliah Michel, blew his mind so bad that he even mentioned her in several songs. The two dated for several months.


Blac Chyna

Similar to Drake, Tyga fell in love with a stripper early in his rap career. He impregnated Miami stripper Blac Chyna and the two are now engaged.

Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks lived as a teenage prostitute and stripper before rappers such as Bow Wow and Soulja Boy began dating her in 2009 and 2010. She had five minutes of fame before a criminal charge led to her deportation.

Alana Wyatt

Mos Def is the last rapper we would expect to make this list. However, beyond his black power driven raps, Mos Def likes a woman of the night. He married Wyatt two days after meeting her in a strip club and she divorced him two months later. For more explanation on his behalf, listen to Ms. Fat Booty.

Tila Tequila

The former stripper/reality TV star has been linked to a multitude of athletes and rappers. She claimed that The Game got her pregnant in 2010. The Game denied and there was never a baby.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline dropped it low in the strip club before Stevie J discovered her and gave her the notion that she could be a star. While her music has yet to catch on, she was one of the standout members of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.”


Before the movie, which holds the same name, Precious was a well-known stripper in Atlanta. She garnered a bit more fame when she claimed Nelly impregnated her in 2007. However, to our knowledge there was never a baby.

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