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Mastering For Your songs Can Make A Significant Differance:.


This is what provides depth, punch, quality and clarity to your song," "We can take something that seems good and make it sound excellent.".


Tips Prior to Submitting Your songs:




Don't restrict or over-compress the tunes prior to you submitting them. If you compress anything, it ought to be the specific tracks, not on the total song. So for the best results, do not pre-master your tracks just before you send them.


The Mix:.


So if there are different levels in your mix that demand taking care of, fix them before you submitt. No matter just how well a track is mastered, what makes the most difference is the mix itself.


The Volume:.


For best results and expert mastering on your tunes, send at -3 db to -6 db volume. This is important. There has to be headroom to master. Do not send songs that are in the red in volume.
Submit All Styles:.


We accept WAV, and MP3.  For finest results, upload WAV. We will use expert mastering methods using our skilled ears and luxury mastering tools.


Do you need it?


EVERY single CD or Record in your collection has actually been mastered. If you intend to sound professional and compete with various other songs out there then YES you should have your recordings mastered.


The Results ...OUTSTANDING!!!


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