Step # 1 You Must have Originality
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Judy Garland (1922 - 1969)
Originality is not doing something no one else has ever done, but doing what has been done countless times with new life, new breath. Most people imitate others.
You should be original, and whatever you do, do well.

Step # 2  Set a Specific Goal
It is better to fall short of a high mark than to reach a low one. - H. C. Payne
Some rappers give up their dreams when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before. Some people have a unclear goal like,"I need to be famous and sell millions of records". That is not a specific goal. A goal is like this, by 10th January 2017,  I will be performing in big concerts as a multi-platinum artist and selling millions of records worldwide . You need to know where your going if you want to get there.

Step # 3 Make a plan
Making a plan goes with setting a goal. An excellent plan is a must for what you want. If you don't have any plan for your future, you will fail. Many problems will come up and distract you, if you don't have a plan. An excellent plan can see the path your on and your future.

Step # 4 Create a Buzz by Promoting Your Brand
You are a brand. This is important! Like McDonalds or KFC. People will identify you by your look, your voice and your name. You are your brand. Your voice and appearance has to be promoted as your brand. If you want to be known for rap music then you must get your brand in magazines and on music websites.

Step # 5 Network
Making the correct contacts and building good relationships with folks within the music business is crucial. You need to keep contacts and resources organized, if you want to be a good rapper. You need to bear in mind that this a business, not simply a hobby.

Step # 6 Making money
Get out there and showcase your talent. Appoint a manager to book you in some clubs, college's, concerts, speak at Radio shows. By this you get your voice heard. Do not stop promoting your brand and you'll create cash.

Step # 7 Work hard
You get to the highest of your profession by working harder than everyone else. If you wish to be best, you'll need to beat the competition. Look into Michael Jordan, he is retired and his brand still overshadows basketball as if he is never left. You need to ask yourself is this a hobby or a career? #1 source for free rap beats. Let's go! Hey Fam! It’s no secret that most rappers have an affinity for strippers. In fact, strippers have served as the inspiration for dozens of rap hits. Recently released songs such as 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song,” “I Luv Dem Strippers” and Juicy J’s “Bands A Make Her Dance” are dedicated to the strip club culture.
But there are a few rappers who took their love for strippers to the next level by dating the women who get naked and dance for a money.

wiz-khalifa-amber-rose-456-3112 large 
Amber Rose

Amber Rose’s life changed after Kanye West found her in a strip club. Week’s after they met, the two took a trip overseas and Amber Rose instantly became a celebrity. Her romance with Kanye didn’t last, but she is now carrying a smaller version of Wiz Khalifa in her oven.



Before she became a cast member on Basketball Wives: L.A., Draya made her rounds with several basketball and hip-hop stars. She has been linked to Kevin Durant and DeShawn Stevenson. However, she also served as Chris Brown’s rebound after he split with Rihanna in 2009.

Karrine-Superhead-Steffans -Nipple tit -Slip jemblog-1024x768-e1352951596512 
Karrine Steffans

Before she was known as “Superhead,” Karrine Steffans was a stripper who was discovered by old school rapper Kool G. Rap. He introduced her to the hip-hop scene and she ran wild through the industry. She revealed that she had sex with a multitude of stars including Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Usher, Shaq and many more.

Maliah Michel

During Drake’s breakout year in 2009, he earned a lot of money and received a lot of attention from groupies. One stripper, Maliah Michel, blew his mind so bad that he even mentioned her in several songs. The two dated for several months.


Blac Chyna

Similar to Drake, Tyga fell in love with a stripper early in his rap career. He impregnated Miami stripper Blac Chyna and the two are now engaged.

Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks lived as a teenage prostitute and stripper before rappers such as Bow Wow and Soulja Boy began dating her in 2009 and 2010. She had five minutes of fame before a criminal charge led to her deportation.

Alana Wyatt

Mos Def is the last rapper we would expect to make this list. However, beyond his black power driven raps, Mos Def likes a woman of the night. He married Wyatt two days after meeting her in a strip club and she divorced him two months later. For more explanation on his behalf, listen to Ms. Fat Booty.

Tila Tequila

The former stripper/reality TV star has been linked to a multitude of athletes and rappers. She claimed that The Game got her pregnant in 2010. The Game denied and there was never a baby.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline dropped it low in the strip club before Stevie J discovered her and gave her the notion that she could be a star. While her music has yet to catch on, she was one of the standout members of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.”


Before the movie, which holds the same name, Precious was a well-known stripper in Atlanta. She garnered a bit more fame when she claimed Nelly impregnated her in 2007. However, to our knowledge there was never a baby.

            How to Mix the Vocal Hook in a Rap Beat

Loudrapbeats hottest beats in rap today. Alright now we're going to talk about mixing a singing chorus on a rap beat. A lot of times on singing choruses you'll have a tenor, alto, soprano. You'll have different keys and people go doing different ranges. What you want to do, it's almost like doing a rap chorus, you want to find the one that you want to stand out the most. If you want your altos to be the highest thing the people hear then you mix the alto's part first. And then if you want your, if you want the sopranos to be the dominant thing in the song, you mix your sopranos first. Whatever you want to be dominant, you mix that first. Then what you do is, you mute that track again once you have that mixed. You mute it, then you mix your altos or sopranos or whatever the next thing that you want to sound. You don't want it as dominant but you still want it heard. You mix both of those and then what you do is turn the main voice that you want, turn that back on. Have the ones that you want to add to it and just kind of have that feel. You keep them low again and starts slightly start turning it up. You keep turning it up until you get the sound that you want. Once you get the sound that you want, then you go ahead and add the next one in. Start, unmute that, and start turning it up. You have it, start it off low, then start turning it up little by little, by little by little, until you get the exact sound that you want. Once you get the sound that you want the mix is done, and you're finished mixing your singing vocals.

How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper Or Performer hottest beats in rap today.

Rule # 1 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is Originality
Every rapper wants to know how to promote him or herself as a rapper. There are a lot of ways to promote yourself as a rapper, but here I'll tell you the best way to do it. Some of these things I've done in the past in my rap career and some of these techniques I will use in the future. If you want to be a great rapper then there are things that I could tell you that still may "not" apply to you. It's important that you add your own style to this and not just take this as law for promoting yourself as a rapper. Every rapper has to have their own style and personality. It's very important that you first strive for originality. I've always felt that rap is like an invention, your task for being a rapper is to come up with a new invention. The best thing to do is be yourself.

Rule # 2 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is set a Goal
I can't tell you how important this rule is. I meet rappers all the time that don't have a clear cut goal. You must have a specific goal and you must set specific goals frequently. Some rappers have a vague goal like,"I want to be big and sell a lot of records." That's not a specific goal. A specific goal sounds like this, "by January 26th 2012, I will sell a million records and be on the Tyra show and shows like 106th and Park." If you don't know where you are going you will never get there. If you know where you're going you'll be sure to reach it. Even if you miss your deadline, I guarantee you'll be close. If you set a goal as a rapper! Now set a new goal.

Rule # 3 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is make a plan
This goes with setting a goal, you must have a great plan for what you want, if you don't or refuse; plan to fail. You will notice when you don't have a plan, so many things will come forward and distract you. When you do have a plan you can see your path and it's amazing that you will sense the days of the future.

Rule # 4 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is you need to get the business straight
I've been guilty of not completing this rule before because like many of you, you're so anxious to make the product. Getting in the studio is all you think about. I know the feeling, I've been recording over 10 years and I still get that feeling of awe and release. However if you can help it get you name trademarked first so you can promote a name that belongs to you. Next if you want to start your own record label then get a business license. Check with your local government to find out the regulations in your state.

Rule # 5 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is build buzz by promoting your brand
This is important that you think of yourself as a brand like Coke or Nike. Your face, your voice, your name is what others identify you by. How you sound as a rapper and who you associate yourself with is all part of your brand. How you sound and look needs to be promoted. I've seen rappers all the time promoting themselves strictly by voice alone, but this is a grave mistake. If I was to say to you where can I get a hamburger, most people right away think of the McDonald's, Burger Kings and Jack N the Box in some cases, it all depends on where you live and who's been promoting to you. Bottom line spend money on promoting your face in magazines and on music websites like If you want to be known for rap music then you need to stand in the mist of other musicians.

Rule # 6 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer You need to network
It's crucial that you make the right contacts and maintain a relationship with people that are in the industry you want to be in. You must keep their numbers organized and maintain easy access to these people and their resources if you want to be a rapper. You must remember that this a business, not just a hobby.

Rule # 7 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer you need to make money
You need to organize shows. If you can't get hired for a gig then hire yourself. Ever thought of selling DVD s, this is what I did. That way you promote your brand and make money. What about a radio show on Blog talk Radio, this will get your voice out there. What about helping others in some way. If you help them they can help you. If your promote them they will promote you, because they want to promote themselves.

Rule # 8 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is you must work hard
It's simple you gotta stay hungry, the minute you say, well I can rest, I don't need to sell right now. It's another person that's hungry for what you say you're too tired to eat. Michael Jordan, Will Smith all went to the top of their professions because they work harder than anyone else. It's hard to be an actor and not be overshadowed by Will Smith's success. You know if you want to be number one you'll have to beat him. Look at Michael Jordan, he's retired and his brand still overshadows basketball as if he's never left.
In order to promote yourself as a rapper you need to be persistent and you will need to make a decision. Am I going to do this as a hobby or do I want to make this a career.

The author Trete Lo is the author of Street literature books and also writes for many websites.

About East Coast Rap and Hip Hop your #1 source for beats. Hi everyone! This is East Coast music where Hip Hop supposedly originated.  There are many people among you who are so older may remember the well-liked early acts such as Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash as well as the Furious Five who most claim are the experimental creators of Hip Hop. It was so phenomenon to all and easily became successful though New York started to determine about this art’s starting point in there. You can research about the East Coast culture and lifestyles and also their environmental differences. You will be able to find out that things are a lot quicker out there. Now think about the New York’s population. It will be more than 8 million people which are 4 x lagers than the size of any one of Texas’ major cities. So Texas (land wise) is almost 6.5 x bigger than New York? Actually a lot of people in such small place force its citizen to interact with this huge amount of people. In New York, some use cabs and subways for transportation, actually they do not drive due to its over population. Besides, privacy is not so available there. From many people and personalities Hip Hop easily comes there. So it is easy to think that Rap/Hip-Hop originated out there. But they might not know one thing that was whether or not other regions chose to pick up this trend and art. Moreover, think about Run DMC which is fully changed from their older view. The same change is happening to Addidas foot wear, Def Jam as well as Dookie ropes which were in style and so were Kangols. Mercedes Benz was the car to drive and jumpsuits were the clothes to wear despite the East was not familiar with car culture. Previously East Coast dialect was unique and its Rap music had a lot of sampling in it. The 808’s and 909 drum kits were so popular too. Actually there were many artists – “The great Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, and Public Enemy” were just for the political rap movement. Among these Eric B & Rakim was very popular in East coast Rap and Hip Hop. But day by day, styles were being changed and ruggedness became their signature mark. Gradually, timberland boots, baggy sweatshirts, hoodies, bubble coats, high top fades and designs in haircuts have become the medium to choose. Even some of them was with a very distinctive slang. Then many former rappers welcome the newer artists such as “Wu Tang Clan”, “Nas”, “Jay-Z”, “Biggie”, “Lil Kim”, “Junior Mafia”, “Diddy”, “Mase”, “Jadakiss”, (Lox), “DMX”, “50 Cent”, “Fat Joe” and so more. Mainly, East Coast Rap and Hip Hop focused on lyricism. The new York culture’s majority was involved in videos and movies as usual.  Some movies really define East Coast Rap and Belly, Juice, New Jersey Drive , Pain N’ Full, New Jack City are in those movies. You can check out subways, Timberland boots, heavy slang, buildings in all movies.

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